Birthdays like any other event, have key moments that I expect to capture: the blowing out of the candles or unwrapping of presents for example. These shots are important without a doubt, but as a candid photographer these are not the ones that excite me the most. What I’ve come to learn over time is that the most interesting scenes are not necessarily those in the thick of the action but those you least expect, where life unscripted and unannounced is ripe for the picking.
Young boy sits alone at a table eating a piece of his birthday cake. His gaze is looking outside the frame, in front of him is a small toy car that points in the same direction.

The birthday boy finds a quiet spot away from his party to enjoy a piece of cake. Sometimes the best action around the birthday cake is something altogether low key.

Mother and son share a subtle and heartwarming moment. The day is full of small moments like this. Part of being a documentary photographer is having "an eye" for finding the easily missed little moments in the everyday. These so called ordinary moments when captured, can be so meaningful.

Three siblings sit and watch the birthday party unfold. While it seems like the birthday kid gets all the attention, it's been my experience that the siblings will often steal the show.

Part of what I do is observe the many different interactions between people. A fleeting glance, brief encounter, or small gesture when captured can last a lifetime.

If you are curious whether or not a documentary photographer is the right thing for you, I encourage you to read my blog post for an idea of what you can expect and help you understand my approach.
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